Arlene Navarro Claim

My unique approach is concerned with the healing and re-telling of a person’s story — hence the name, RE: STORY. I focus on the health and whole of the human spirit in its entire relational context. My aim is not to simply change behavior, but to dismantle the dysfunctional structures that are often rooted in familial, cultural, moral, and social beliefs — beliefs that often create confusion or offer a false sense of relief. I believe that the transformation of behaviors and systems will enable you to grow beyond mere survival into a place of thriving.

I am a firm believer that change is possible and it begins with you wanting to change and be transformed by the Spirit. While I cannot guarantee that I can fully eliminate suffering, I strive to change how you respond and relate to suffering. You and I will explore the complex and hidden desires and motivations that hinder you from knowing your true self. For some, this will involve re-aligning oneself to the gospel of truth and love. The aim is to not only alleviate symptoms but to reorient your understanding and beliefs about how you face your life circumstances and seeking to experience a deep spiritual transformation.

My theoretical and clinical orientation is psychodynamic and client-centered. Meaning, I will meet you where you are at regardless of your circumstance. I use evidence-based treatment modalities such as Insight counseling, CBT, DBT, Emotion Regulation, Mindfulness-based practices, Internal Family Systems, IPNB, and Storytelling.

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